Day to Night Makeup Look

For today's blog, I'll be exploring a day-to-night makeup look on my friend, Caitlin. Caitlin usually keeps her makeup pretty simple; clean skin, no lipstick, and focuses on the eyes with just a little gray eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. 

For her day makeup, I just amped up what she usually does by adding a light coverage foundation, warm brown shadow instead of her usual grays, and a bit of bronzer. 

For night, we added some drama to her look up by applying more smoky brown shadows, wing liner, lashes, and a nude lip!

Winged linger and lashes are a great way to add the extra "oomph!" for a special occasion or a night out. 

By tying in some of her everyday makeup characteristics (such as smoky shadow, liner on the waterline, and clean skin) Caitlin still felt like herself - just a more glammed-up version!