Summer Night Out

Applying makeup in the summer Texas heat can be a difficult thing to combat. It's important to apply thin layers on the skin while blending it out seamlessly to avoid the dreaded "cake-face". I asked my good friend; Christine, if I could do a fun summer night-out look on her to demonstrate how to glam-up without having to worry about your foundation melting off. 

I wanted the focus to be bronzed, glowy skin with a pop of gold on the lid. When you want to keep the coverage light, but still flawless, it is essential to properly prep the skin. I first cleansed the skin with Bioderma cleansing water to remove any prior makeup and oils. Then I moisturized with Embryolisse emulsion hyrda-mat, and primed the skin with Cover FX mattifying primer. Since Christine has normal skin, but tends to get shiny throughout the day, I wanted to use as many mattifying products as possible to combat shine, as well as not over-powder to allow her beautiful skin to still show through. After that, we used a light layer of foundation and a light-weight concealer and blended out with both a brush and sponge to give a flawless finish. A light sweep of powder was used only on areas of the face that tend to get shiny as the day goes on. Layering products, taking the time to blend, and not over-powdering aids in the longevity of your makeup, discourages it from 'caking-up', and avoids settling into fine lines and wrinkles.