Prom 2017

I had the pleasure of assisting Nisa Nicole this weekend for prom! We had a blast getting 11 girls ready for a fun-filled night. Here are a couple of my favorite looks with a product breakdown. Both were taken on an iphone 6 with no edits/no filters.

Anna was all about the drama! She wanted to match her black dress with sparkly silver detailing, so we went all in and did a silver glitter eye and red lip. When using glitter (or any eyeshadow that has a lot of fallout) it is so important to do the eyes before the rest of the face. That way you are able to clean up any glitter falldown without ruining your foundation/concealer. I used the Viseart 01 Neutral Palette to smoke out the outer corner with Makeup Forever's N2 silver glitter on the lid. For that spicy-hot red lip, I combined MAC Red & Lady Danger. 

Hannah wanted a bit more of a natural, boho-chic look. We wanted everything to be soft and natural, however once she showed me her dark crimson dress, we decided to do a matching lip - and we both LOVED it. I used Face Atelier for luminous skin, warm brown and golden tones (from MAC) on the eyes, and a combination of Kim, Jean & Christina from the Smashbox 'Be Legendary' lip palette for the crimson lip. 

I'm so lucky I got to help these hilarious, smart, gorgeous ladies get ready for such a special night. It was a blast!